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Billie Beads

Billie Beads

Billie Beads are hand-made, one of a kind objects and jewelry created out of polymer clay using the ancient method of millefiore, the technique used in creating Venetian glass.

Our products are exuberantly colorful and astonishingly detailed. We embellish some of our items with genuine Swarovski 

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Billie Beads BLB Big Round Key Chains

Billie Beads are handcrafted objects made in the ancient tradition of millefiore. Painstakingly created from polymer clay and Swarovski Crystals, the keychains last forever, make a lovely gift (and you’ll never lose your keys again!).


Billie Beads BLB Small Xmas Tree Pin

Billie Beads Holiday Tree pins are handmade with polymer clay and Swarovski crystals in the ancient tradition of millefiore. A lovely gift or happy addition to your holiday outfit! One of a kind. Each design is unique. About 2 inches.